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Glaucoma results in progressive vision loss. Although there is no permanent cure for the disease, an early and efficient treatment can mitigate vision loss for the patient.


Cataracts are generally associated with the aged, but they can also occur in new born children and adults. After infection, trauma can occur and drugs used for treatment are associated with an array of systemic diseases.

Vitreo Retina

The Eye is like a camera with a film in it. The Retina acts as the film. A healthy retina is crucial for vision; Consequently, various diseases that affect the retina's ability to process images can be extremely detrimental. These diseases include Diabetic Retinopathy, Premature Retinopathy, and Macular Degeneration.


Uveitis can occur as a result of either an auto-immune reaction to ocular antigens or a local infection caused by viruses, bacteria, fungi or parasites.

TPA & Corporates

Tulane University - New Orleans USA
TTK health care
National Institute of Nutrition ( NIN )
National Geophysics Research Institute ( NGRI)
Indian Institute of Chemical Technology ( IICT )


At Anand Eye Institute, we have highly specialized surgeons dealing with cosmetic and functional abnormalities of the eye lids, Lacrimal system. Orbit and the Periocular region.


The Cornea department at Anand Eye Institute offers cutting edge technology at an affordable cost. We provide efficient diagnosis and treat a wide range of disorders.

Paediatric Ophthalmology and Squint

At Anand Eye Institute, we strive to provide the best treatment for extensive range of pediatric eye problems.

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Anand Eye Institute is AP State Government recognised

A P State Government employees can now avail our services and get their bills reimbursed. We are recognized as a panel hospital for treatment of eye diseases for all AP State Govt employees and pensioners. We provide quality treatment in all eye specialties. For more Details please visit our hospital or write to us at